Archfast Two Piece Jamb

How would you like to save hundreds of dollars on your houselot of Interior Prehung Doors?

By using Clearline’s exclusive Patented Archfast Two Piece Jamb System you are able to do just that!

This system is slightly more expensive to purchase than the conventional jamb systems but the savings in labour hugely offsets this initial cost. The, 45 min – 1 hr job for your builder to install and architrave one door is reduced to only 10 – 15 mins or less! Not only is Clearline’s Archfast Two Piece Jamb System immensely practical, but it is also very visually appealing with it’s slimline profile jamb.

ADVANTAGES of Clearline’s Archfast Two Piece Jamb System:

  • Speed of installation
  • Complete system with architrave
  • Picks up variations in wall thickness
  • Gib can be fixed horizontally
  • Gib can be plastered and painted

This innovative Archfast Two Piece Jamb System is unique to Clearline so ask our staff today how it can help you.


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