Cavity Sliding Doors

You may have noticed whilst designing your house that one of the most important factors is trying to maximize use of all your floor area.

Clearline’s Cavity Sliding Doors are absolutely perfect in achieving this as they do not require the extra space that the traditional hinged door does.
Cavity Sliding doors eliminate a lot of wasted and under-utilised areas.The space is saved simply by sliding the door inside the wall.

All of Clearline’s Cavity Sliding Doors, (from the Hollow Core door range), contain steel inserts in them to maximize stability.
These steel inserts are highly recommended in areas where the ambient temperatures differ on each side of the door. An example of this would be in a bathroom or ensuite where there will be moist conditions on one door face and dry conditions on the other door face.
Another classic example would be between the house and the garage where one side of the door is in a warmer area than the other side which is in a cooler area.

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Glazing and Hardware options are also available for our Cavity Sliding Doors.

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