Interior Prehung Doors

There are many options available for Interior Prehung Doors and we can help you select the best to suit your home and your lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for a door with the timeless charm of yesteryear or a modern door with a contemporary design you will find the door you need from Clearline!

Our Prehung Interior Doors look great yet are also strong, light and offer superior structural integrity and a high level of impact resistance.

Clearline’s prehung door packages not only make installation a breeze but also ensure a perfect fitting door.

Our Prehung Interior Doors are delivered to the job site with the door already hung within the jamb liner and routed for standard hardware.

Our Cavity, Bifold and Sliding Doors are ideal for those areas where you may be too limited in space to allow a standard door to open. This makes them a very popular choice.  These doors are also great for screening off open plan living areas which allow you to create a cozy atmosphere to help conserve warmth and to save money.

Save Time & Money!

Check out our exclusive Archfast Two Piece Jamb System.

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If you need an interior Prehung door the solution is clear : Clearline!